Attorney General Justin Muturi's Son Missing in Nairobi After Suspected Abduction

Attorney General Justin Muturi's Son Missing in Nairobi After Suspected Abduction

Attorney General Confirmed Son is Missing

In a disconcerting turn of events, Attorney General Justin Muturi has confirmed that his son, Leslie Muturi, is missing. Leslie, a well-known businessman in his own right, was reportedly abducted in Nairobi's upscale Lavington area. This incident, which has sent shockwaves through the community, happened under mysterious circumstances, leaving many questions and concerns in its wake.

The Incident

According to eyewitness accounts, Leslie was last seen on Tuesday afternoon in Lavington. Witnesses reported that he was taken by unknown individuals driving a Land Cruiser. This vehicle, a common sight on Nairobi roads, has become the center of attention as authorities try to piece together the events leading to Leslie's disappearance. The individuals who took Leslie have yet to be identified, and their motives remain unclear.

MP Mark Mwenje's Revelations

Embakasi West Member of Parliament, Mark Mwenje, provided crucial insights into the incident. Mwenje, who claimed to have been in close proximity to Leslie at the time of the abduction, shared a video on social media highlighting the immediate aftermath. In the video, Leslie's SUV is seen abandoned, with its doors and boot left open. This imagery has only heightened the anxiety and concern surrounding Leslie's disappearance.

Police Response

One of the most troubling aspects of this case has been the response from law enforcement. According to Mwenje, he immediately contacted the police following the incident. However, the officers he spoke with expressed no knowledge of Leslie's whereabouts or the individuals who took him. This lack of information from those usually responsible for public safety has added an extra layer of unease for Leslie's family and friends.

Public Outcry and Comparisons

Public Outcry and Comparisons

This incident follows closely on the heels of another high-profile case: the arrest and subsequent release of social media influencer Billy Simani, known as Crazy Nairobian. Simani was arrested on a Friday and released the following Saturday after significant public pressure. While different in nature, these two events have stirred public emotions and raised concerns about the safety and security in Nairobi. The swift response in Simani's case has led many to question why similar urgency isn't being applied in Leslie's case.

Family Statements and Next Steps

Leslie's family, particularly his father, Attorney General Justin Muturi, has released statements expressing their worry and calling for anyone with information to come forward. The Muturi family has a significant public profile, and this incident has captured widespread media attention. The family emphasized the need for swift and thorough investigations to ensure Leslie's safe return.

Community Reactions

The Nairobi community has rallied together, using various platforms to spread awareness about Leslie's disappearance. Social media has become a pivotal tool in this campaign, with hashtags and posts shared widely to keep the public informed and vigilant. Community members have organized search parties and are working closely with any leads that might bring clarity to the situation.

Potential Motives

While the exact reasons for Leslie's abduction are still unknown, various theories have emerged. Some speculate financial motives due to Leslie's business background. Others wonder if this could be politically motivated, given his father's high-ranking position in the government. Each of these theories is being scrutinized as investigators seek to untangle the web of this worrying case.

Security Measures and Advice

Security Measures and Advice

In light of recent events, security experts in Nairobi are advising residents to remain vigilant. They have recommended several measures, such as being aware of one's surroundings, especially in high-risk areas, and reporting any suspicious activities to authorities immediately. These steps, while simple, can be crucial in preventing further incidents and ensuring personal safety.

The Broader Context

This incident has prompted discussions about the effectiveness of Nairobi's public safety measures. It has brought attention to potential gaps in the city's security framework, prompting calls for reforms and improvements. Authorities are under increased pressure to demonstrate their ability to handle such cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.


The disappearance of Leslie Muturi is a grave and pressing matter. As his family, friends, and the larger community wait anxiously for news, the importance of thorough and competent investigative work cannot be overstated. Attorney General Justin Muturi's son's case is now emblematic of broader concerns regarding safety in Nairobi, urging both public and private sectors to collaborate in bolstering security measures. The hope persists that Leslie will soon be found and safely reunited with his loved ones.

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