About Us

Our Mission

At Continental News Network Africa, our mission is to deliver timely and factual journalism that enlightens and informs our audience about the myriad of issues and events shaping Africa. We strive to cover a comprehensive range of topics including political transitions, economic developments, and cultural trends across the continent. Recognizing the diverse and dynamic nature of African affairs, our commitment is to provide coverage that not only spans all regions of Africa but also delves deep into the topics that matter. From in-depth analyses of political elections to coverage of sustainable development efforts and cultural exhibitions, CNN Africa prides itself on being a cornerstone of news dissemination on the African continent.

Our Values

Integrity, accuracy, inclusiveness, and timeliness are the core values that guide our journalistic endeavor. We ensure that every article, report, and feature not only adheres to the highest standards of journalism but also respects and represents the diverse tapestry of African societies. Our editorial team is comprised of seasoned journalists from across Africa, offering local insights with a global perspective. As a trusted source of news, we commit to unbiased reporting and responsible journalism, fostering a well-informed public that can engage actively with current events and issues critical to the continent's future.

Our Coverage

Our diverse team ensures expansive coverage across multiple sectors, such as politics, economy, culture, and environment. We provide up-to-date reports on critical developments, from economic policies that shape the livelihoods of communities to cultural events that highlight Africa's rich artistic heritage. Environmental issues are also at the forefront of our coverage, acknowledging the pressing concerns of climate change and sustainability efforts. Through thorough research and engagement with local communities, we aspire to bring stories that not only inform but also resonate with our readers, fostering a deeper understanding of Africa's complex landscape.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team at CNN Africa is our greatest asset. Led by the visionary journalism veteran Eldon Akerman, our team is made up of professionals who are passionate about Africa and committed to reporting the truth. Our journalists, editors, and correspondents each specialise in different areas, providing a rich mix of expertise and perspectives. This ensemble ensures that each story is covered from every angle, with the depth and breadth it deserves. Together, we work tirelessly to bring you reliable news that serves the interests of a diverse and evolving readership.

Future Endeavors

Looking forward, Continental News Network Africa aims to expand its reach and deepen its impact. We are continually evolving, embracing new technologies and methodologies to enhance our journalistic output. Our future projects include launching interactive digital platforms to increase engagement and deploying more field reporters to cover stories as they unfold. We believe in the power of information and its ability to transform societies, and we are committed to being a pivotal part of this transformation, championing transparency, and amplifying voices that often go unheard within the global narrative.

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