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Prepare yourself for performance reviews


Performance reviews are usually done annually, but sometimes can be done quarterly or even monthly. When it is time for these, it is a stressful time in your employment life. Often times, these reviews determine your job placement within the company and possibly whether you still have your job or not. It is important to know what these reviews do for you and how to keep yourself at ease knowing one is coming.

Performance reviews determine your work level and job performance on the job. Many times, employers will use these reviews to determine who within the company gets a promotion, who gets a raise, and who loses their job or gets demoted possibly. One should be prepared for performance reviews to keep their mind at ease

Learn about the process of the performance reviews and why they are performed. Be sure you are doing your job correctly so there is nothing that can come back from the review. Also, know what to do if you get a poor review. Usually, you can speak to your employer or lead manager and they can help you get back on track.

Whatever the case, take the performance reviews as a good learning opportunity. Take this review and learn what you need to improve within your job duties and within yourself. It will only help you regarding your future.

Performance reviews



Use performance reviews to get promoted

Performance reviews tips

Keep record of achievements throughout they year for the performance reviews.

Reviewing time tip

See the performance interview as an opportunity and not a threat.

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