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What is a performance improvement plan?

Performance improvement means that one needs improvement with their performance in their work. It could be because the employee does not perform the job at 100 percent or it could be that the employee is not performing the job correctly and is doing something inaccurate.

Often times when an employee is not up to par in performance, they are put on a performance improvement plan. It is nothing for the employee to worry about. The plan is to help the employee better understand the job duties and learn how to accurately perform the job. If you are put on this plan, look at this way, your employer most likely sees something in you because he or she wants you to improve within your work. Your boss obviously feels you can perform the job duties.

In any case, with performance improvement, you need to speak to your boss. Ask for a short meeting. Sit down with your employer and ask where you need improvement. Your employer can identify where you are lacking and give you pointers as to how to improve your quality of work. Not only will your boss be happy to help with this, but will more than likely appreciate you coming to him with this question.

Job performance improvement is not always a bad thing; it can help many when in a difficult situation. This is just to help you learn to do you job better and more accurately. Just work a little bit harder and make sure you are performing your job the right way within the guidelines of your company.

Job performance improvement



Take on new challenges and make use of all training opportunities.

Performance improvement tip

Don't be negative about training or goal setting as this can help to improve job performance and secure your job.

Performance tip

Be open to new opportunities as this will enhance your stand within your company.

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