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What are performance appraisals?

So you may ask what are performance appraisals? Do they really work for the best? This is a evaluation of one's performance. These can be used for anything such as employment and school among many other things. It is used to see how well you are able to perform your job and/or use your skills to perform a certain task.

For a previous employer, it could be a yearly evaluation that you had based on your performance of your job. The strengths and weaknesses are usually determined during performance appraisals. If there is a promotion coming up at your place of employment, then be on your best performance because appraisals will most likely be performed and determine who the promotion will be given to.

Usually with performance appraisals, employers have a paper with different tasks on it. There are different scores that you can receive on each task, usually between 1 and 5, but sometimes 1 and 10. The employer will either watch you when you do not know, or may be right there with you while performing the task and grade you. It's almost as if you are taking a test. You are performing a task and getting graded on it by your employer. Of course, the higher number you receive the better you do your job. If you get the highest number, then there is nothing you need to improve in. If you get lower than half, you will probably have a private meeting with your employer to discuss you work ethics.

So keep in mind to always be doing your best because you never know when your employer may have performance appraisals on you!

Performance appraisals



Keep record of your work hours, what you have done better than expected and where you have achieved exceptionally well.

Performance appraisal tip

See the performance review as an opportunity to show your supervisor what you can do.

Performance appraisals tip

Don't fear the interview or assessment, you have done the tasks many times before.

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