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How to create a list of job references

Author: Isebell Gauche

It is frustrating to search for job references at the last moment, especially if you are a freelancer. You don't want to put up your present boss or main client as this could jeopardize your current position.

How then to create a list of job references?

Think about past supervisors, clients, and managers. List the people that you worked under or for in the past. List all your past clients. Be sure to contact them prior to listing them as job references. You only want clients that will testify to your superior service. List one or two current colleagues with which you are friends. They will serve to show that you can work well in a team and that you are a great co-worker.

If you are a recent graduate or just about to graduate, ask your lecturers if they would mind to be a reference. Make sure you leave your telephone number and full details with them. Keep in contact at least once every three months with a short note so that they will not forget you. As a school leaver you can ask your hockey etc. coach and one or two teachers.

Get the job references on paper with their signatures. This way around you will have the job references ready when required and they will be more likely to remember. Army leavers can ask their ranking officers to supply job references.

Your next step is to send thank you notes to each of the persons for the job references. By taking pro-active steps you will have all the job references before you apply for a specific position.

Job references

List past employers, colleagues, lecturers, and fellow club members as job references.

Job Reference Tip

Don't list the current employer or main client as job references as it could harm your relationship with them.

Job References Tip

Get the job references on paper as soon as possible. You never know when you may need them.

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