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Introduction to general job interview questions
Isebell Gauche

Apart from the in-depth job interview questions normally asked during interviews you can expect a few general job interview questions. Prepare for the general job interview questions since uncomfortable silences and poorly prepared answers can cost you the job. Don't recite your answers during the actual interview, be natural and prepared for surprises. By preparing you enhance your chances of landing the position.

Examples of general job interview questions:

  • Give us a bit of background about yourself
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Where have you learnt about the vacancy?
  • Why have you resigned from your previous position?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Tell us what you know about our company?
  • Have you got any previous experience in the follow area…?
  • How long do you plan to work in this field?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Do you have any other responsibilities that will need your attention?
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Do you prefer to work in teams or alone?
  • Do you prefer to lead or follow?
  • What will you bring to the company that the other candidates don't?
  • What about the position as we described it do you like most/least?
  • What do you hate?
  • What is your weakest point?
  • What is your strongest attribute?
  • Will you describe yourself as someone that avoids conflict?
  • How do you handle pressure at work and can you give an example?
  • What do you want to know about our company?
  • What do you want to know about the position?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • What are your main interests?
  • Do you make use of public transport or do you have your own vehicle?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Have you ever lead a team?
  • Have you worked on projects before?
  • What makes you tick?
  • What irritates you?
  • Have you applied for other positions?
  • What about colleagues irritate you?
  • What are your main strengths and weaknesses?
  • How will you handle the following situation…?
  • What do you know about…?
  • How do you feel about traveling for work purposes?
  • What do you regret most about your life?

Be careful when you answer general job interview questions. Never bad mouth any person, not a colleague or supervisor. Never be negative about anything. Don't mention weaknesses, rather turn every potential aspect into something special. Don't focus on what the company will offer you, but rather what you will offer the company.

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Job Interview Questions


Don't offer information not asked for during job interviewing.

General job interview questions tip

Seemingly innocent probing are aimed at understanding your character and whether you will fit in with the company.

Interviewing traps

Most of the above questions are traps. Prepare examples of how you handle pressure well, why you can work without supervision and remember that you don't hate anything.

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