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Job interview follow-up
Isebell Gauche

It is possible to ace your job interview and to have all the required skills, qualifications, and experience and still not get the desired position.

Why is that?

If you compete against several other high calibre individuals and one of them has the courtesy to call the interviewer after the job interview and you don't you may just have lost the chance of a lifetime.

Why call the interviewer after the job interview?

You will get the chance to thank the interviewer for his or her time and for the way that the interview was conducted. This will show that you don't assume and take things for granted.

It will also re-affirm positive aspects and ensure that you are the person remembered.

It shows that you are professional and will also do the same with clients. You don't assume that the work is according to expectation. You go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

You will get the chance to add something not discussed during the interview. You may for example, just mention that you also have experience in a specific field which may be to the benefit of the company or mention that you are willing to relocate. You never know, that may just be the deciding factor.

If the interviewer is busy, leave a voice mail or a message with the secretary.

What else should you do after the job interview?

Besides the courtesy call within 24 hours, you will also need to write a short note which can be emailed. Make sure it reaches the interviewer within 24 hours, whether you hand deliver, email or fax it. In the note thank the interviewer for his or time and re-affirm your interest in the particular position. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that the note is done professionally.

The above two steps can help you get the desired position. Ensure that you stand out with a job interview follow-up letter.



Job interview follow up letters


Make sure you stand out after the initial job interview

Follow-up letter tip

The courtesy follow-up letter should reach the interviewer within 24 hours.

Job interview follow up tip

Call the interviewer within 24 hours to thank him or her for their time.

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