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Free salary calculator

Download a free salary calculator to establish whether your paycheck is accurate. Download

Get time management control

Download the free template for Excel which can be used for timesheets and time management. Download

Free electronic 086 fax number

When you apply for several jobs, you need a fax number and also to send your CV directly from your computer. The convenience of having an 086 fax number which is toally free - just cannot be ignored. Receive faxes in your email box even when travelling.
Get your number now - it is totally free and has no strings attached.

Learn about businesses for sale and how to manage your own business

Visit the business and commercial properties site for information on opportunities, how to locate businesses and for financial assistance in starting your own business: Buy, sell or learn about businesses.

Psychometric tests

Download several practical job assessment tests and aptitude tests to practice them. See where your strong and weak points are. Learn how you will do in specific aptitude tests, ranging from numberical, spatial, verbal, and technical, to clerical and abstract reasoning aptitude tests. The tests are downloadable for free and can be printed. Download: aptitude tests for free.





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CV Writing Tip

Use a readable font that is also easy readable when faxed.

Follow up letter

Always follow up with a letter to thank the interviewer for his or time.

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