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We answer CV FAQ (frequently asked questions) regarding the CV content and general CV information below. If you have more CV FAQ click on the link at the bottom of the page. If you don't see an answer to your general CV questions, email us.

CV Content FAQ


Q: What if I don't have enough experience to fill the job history and experience section of the CV?

If you lack job experience you can fill up empty space through the placement of the wording, headings and font. In addition list any community projects involvement relevant to the position and also list any part time work. Be sure to show relevancy. Even if you are a student and have done practical assignments, you can use that as job experience in your CV.

Q: Should personal information form part of the CV content?

Keep personal information to a minimum. The CV content forms a sales letter and by filling valuable space with personal information you cause distraction. Leave personal information for the job application form. Whatever you do, don't fill the first page of the CV content with irrelevant personal information such as marital status, dependants, religion etc. You need the first page to make an impression.

Q: Should I include references as part of the CV content?

Rather state that references are available at the end of the document unless specifically asked by the potential employer.

Q: What information must be included in the CV content?

The basic information such as contact details, objectives, job history or experience, and education or qualifications should be included.

Q: What should not be included in the CV?

Never mention salary, religion or school grades unless you are a school leaver, reasons for resigning, list hobbies not relevant to the job or unnecessary references, and personal information.

Q: Do I need to include a photo in the CV?

The only time that you will include a photo are when you are applying for a model, entertainment or drama type of job and when requested. As a rule of thumb when applying for a job in China, attach a passport photo to the document.

Q: How many interests or hobbies should be listed?

It is a CV FAQ that comes up a lot. List only relevant hobbies or interests. Don't list more than three as the employer may wonder when you will get time to work and don't list less than two as this will depict and uninteresting person.

Q: Should exam results be listed?

Only the last exam results should form part of the CV and only if they are good.

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CV FAQ TIP: Leave out information about grades in school unless you have no other qualifications

CV FAQ tip

Don't include information that can cause discrimination against you as part of the CV content.

General CV questions tip

Keep the CV to three and maximum five pages.

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