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CV buzz words
Isebell Gauche

There are some words that just stand out on a CV, which are frequently called CV buzz words. A short list of verbs that can be used as CV buzz words is provided below..

You will note that the words are written in the past tense since most CVs refer to jobs or positions in the past time. If you prefer to use present tense in your CV you should use it consistently. Thus - always either past or present tense - not a mixture of the two. Browse through the list of CV buzz words and select the ones appropriate to your situation to draw attention to your accomplishments.


Marketed Targeted Dealt
Debated Argued Discussed
Transferred Disputed Distributed
Defined Achieved Finalized
Realized Demonstrated Accomplished
Devised Designated Developed
Adopted Doubled Displayed
Traded Sold Diversified
Approached Added Dispensed
Settled Dispensed Balanced
Negotiated Related Advocated
Allocated Enabled Documented
Evaluated Drafted Carried
Appraised Analysed Catalogued
Inspected Exercised Educated
Collaborated Drove Cleaned
Investigated Edited Appointed
Classified Coached Classified
Advanced Sorted Authorized
Assembled Organized Drew up
Discovered Automated Cited
Billed Deligated Aspired
Completed Functioned as Compiled
Designed Combined Formalized
Formed Grouped Contracted
Helped Benchmarked Coordinated
Consulted Governed Assured
Counseled Managed Enriched
Furthered Created Modified
Guided Customized Finished

Also make your own list of CV buzz words specific to your industry.


CV wording



Certain verbs are power words for your CV

CV power words tip

Don't use words that are overused. If you apply for a management position don't use the word assisted.

Resume buzz words tip

Keep to the same tense throughout your resume.

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