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Serious CV blunders and resume mistakes to avoid
Isebell Gauche

Finding the right job is difficult enough without making unnecessary CV blunders that can cost you the job. On this page we will list serious, humorous and plain avoidable CV blunders and Resume mistakes.

No contact address in the CV

How frustrating for the hiring manager! He may have appointed you within the blink of an eye, but alas - no contact address. Always include a contact address and make sure that the contact address is valid.

Ridiculous contact address in the resume

Stupid as it may sound, but your contact address says a lot about you. Avoid free e-mail addresses such as yahoo, hotbot etc. Gmail has some credibility and won't be frowned upon. If you have to use a free e-mail address in your resume, rather go for Gmail. Please don't use an e-mail address such as johniemonkey@ monkey-around.com it will show that you don't take things seriously.

CV blunders that can be avoided:

  • Spelling mistakes (use the spell checker and get another person that can spell to proofread the document).
  • Grammar mistakes (do the same).
  • Fancy fonts - may work well in primary school, but stick to good old Times Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Tahoma for the resume.
  • Too small font size - select a font size that is readable in the range of 10 to 14.
  • Font mixing - use one type of font.
  • Picture without asking - only include a picture if you are applying in Japan or China. If you are in the entertainment business your picture will be important, if not, rather leave it.
  • Including information that can cause discrimination such as marital status, age and weight. Give yourself a fair chance. If not asked don't supply. It is illegal for an employer to ask these questions directly, so why volunteer?

Keep an eye on this page for more CV blunders to avoid in future.

Resume writing


CV blunders cost jobs

Resume mistake to avoid

Referring to the first person througout the resume.

CV mistake to avoid

Listing your hobbies if not relevant. Never list more than three interests.

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