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Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips
Isebell Gauche

A neatly written career profile that attracts the conclusive attention of the hiring manager can be described as a superior curriculum vitae. We provide Curriculum Vitae writing tips below.

A great number of CVs catch the attention of the reader, but not because the documents are perfect. Don't let yours count under the resumes that suck.

Before submitting your resume confirm whether it fits the bill for a winning CV according to the Curriculum Vitae writing tips provided below.

Curriculum Vitae writing tips for better resumes:

Writing the cover letter

What a misuse of time and resources to submit resumes to several employers when not attaching a letter to explain the document. It is important as it grants a foretaste of your resume and the intention for sending it. A resume is consequently always accompanied by a neatly written cover letter. The cover letter ought to recap shortly why the CV is submitted and why you should be hired. Keep the cover letter error free.

Curriculum Vitae writing tips for the content of the CV

Check that the info provided is appropriate, true, and professional. Don't write paragraphs.

Language rules and design

A fine CV will have a professional tone and will supply all the required info. The resume/cv ought to grab the attention of the recruitment officer without being an overstatement. No mistakes should be present. Use a spell checker. Scan the CV at least three times and let another person with outstanding language knowledge do proofreading prior to posting it.


You may have an impressive work history and sought after expertise, but you must list successes in your job history and not only a register of task descriptions. Confirm that you are the one and only candidate for the job. More imperative - exhibit the ability to show relevancy to the job opening by matching the skills with that required with the aim of showing why your skills are relevant to the position.


Normal resumes get lost in the crowd. The hiring officer can spot a lame resume. Instead indicate that you have gone the extra mile to research the company and the required skills. Alter the resume to fit a specific position.

Follow the above Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips to ensure a stunning resume.

Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips


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CV writing and guidance

Never write paragrapghs in the CV.

Resume help guideline

Don't use several fonts.