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A skilfully written profile that attracts the attention of the hiring agent can be seen as the proficient Curriculum Vitae. Thousands of resumes invite a second glance, but not for the right reasons. Don't permit yours to be one of those.

Before delivering the Curriculum Vitae assess whether it qualifies according to the standards for a good resume. Beneath are selected characteristics of a well written Curriculum Vitae.

Letter accompanying the CV

What a squander to send off resumes to possible employers when not including a letter to apply for a position? The covering letter is crucial as it gives a glance into your curriculum vitae and the logic for sending it.

The curriculum vitae will as a result always be accompanied by a skilfully written cover letter. The letter is supposed to review concisely why you are the best person and why you should be hired. There should be no spelling or grammar mistakes in the cover letter.

Resume content

Confirm that the information is related, correct, and clear. Get to the point right from the start. As such place information about hobbies or interests, your driver's licence etc. last.

Syntax and form

A first-rate curriculum vitae will be neatly written in a professional tone and will be information focussed. The resume must get the interest of the hiring manager without looking like a mail order advertisement. There should be no errors of any kind. Use your spell checker, but don't rely on it alone. Examine the resume numerous times and also let another person with brilliant language expertise handle the proof reading before sending it.


You may have a wonderful career profile and knowledge, but you should list achievements in your career and not merely provide an inventory of stereotype tasks related to the job. Illustrate that you are unique. More crucial - demonstrate pertinence to the position by matching the attributes with the purpose of showing relevancy to the position.

Be specific

Standard resumes don't stand out. The hiring manager's skilled eye can notice a general CV. Preferably display that you have prepared your groundwork. Modify the curriculum vitae for a specific industry and ensure that it is relevant to the positions that you plan to apply for.

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CV guidance

Keep the CV under five pages.

Resume guidance

Use white A4 bond paper.