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Career planning self assessment
Isebell Gauche

We have discussed the essentials and reasons for career planning in the first article which you can read at: career planning. The first step in career planning is self assessment. This will help you create a winning career plan. We will focus on self assessment in this section.

Why is self assessment necessary?

It is the first step in getting to know yourself, what you want etc. You do it to help you identify essential information for the career plan and will establish:

What makes you tick

  • What it is that you want from life and your career
  • What your weaknesses are and how to improve on them
  • What your strengths are which you will use in marketing
  • How you can contribute to the work environment
  • How you can contribute to society as a whole
    What your role is
  • In what type of work you will be happy and will excel
  • What your values are and which ones you are not willing to compromise.

How to do self assessment

Fortunately the Internet makes it possible to get several personality and skills tests. Simply make your way to our career resources page to find links to relevant tests that you can do which will help you identify the above. Also use the sponsored links at the side of this page to find more resources.

In addition speak to your friends and family members. Find out how they see you and what they perceive as your strong and weak points, what type of work they think you will fit in and more. It is not to say that you have to believe everything, but being too close, means that you can overlook weaknesses and strengths. Other people may be able to identify them easier. The self assessment is your step one in the career planning process. We will treat the marketing step as part of the career plan in the next article by clicking here: Job searching tools

Self assessment

Understanding yourself is essential for a proper career plan

Career Plan tip

Speak to friends and family to find out how they see you.

Self Assessment tip

Conduct several personality and skils tests online.

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