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Career planning - Job searching and marketing tools
Isebell Gauche

In the first part of this article we looked at the overview of the career plan and how to do a self assessment. We will have a look at marketing tools to find the right job in this section. You can read about the introduction and self assessment here:

Job searching and marketing tools

Job marketing tools are created over a period of time. These marketing tools for job hunting will change and improve as your career progresses. The following tips can be followed to develop the best marketing tools for job hunting:

  • Write the career plan based on the self assessment.
  • Write a job search plan which is basically the same as creating a business plan.
  • Write your resume or CV in reverse chronological order.
  • Add new skills and qualifications as they become available.
  • Write a general cover letter to introduce your CV and motivate why you will be the best person for the job.
  • Add to this cover letter information as required.
  • Use the above cover letter as your basis and change it as required to target specific positions.
  • Do the same with your CV.
  • Create a network plan - thus how you will build contacts.
  • Build the contact list and keep it updated.
  • Contact the persons on your contact list regularly to ensure that once you need them as references that they will remember you.
  • Create a reference list and get going as soon as possible.
  • You want as many written references and letters of recommendation as you can get.
  • Update all the job searching tools and marketing tools on a regular basis.

We have dealt with the development of job searching tools in this section. You will be able to learn about the job searching process and how to use the job marketing tools to find the right job in the next article. (click on the link)

Job searching tools

Create a CV and Cover Letter and update them regularly as part of your job search strategy.

Job search tip

You need a CV and cover letter as well as at least one written reference for your job searching.

Job marketing tools

Build a profile to showcase examples of your work if you are a writer.

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