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Career planning - Using marketing and job searching tools for finding the right job
Isebell Gauche

In the first part of the article on career planning we looked at the basics of the career plan, then we proceeded to the self-assessment and developing the career job marketing tools as part of a well structured career plan. In this section we will look at using the marketing and job searching tools for finding the right job.

Your job search should not be a hit and run affair. The job search should be planned and by using the job marketing and job search tools you should be able to find the right job in the employment market place.

Finding the right job with job searching tools

  • Step one should be to find out whether you are speaking to the correct persons.
  • If you are not speaking to people who can hire or influence hiring find out who you should speak to.
  • Arrange for an informative meeting with the relevant person to learn a bit more about the company, its goals and hiring policies.
  • Use your network contacts to find interesting positions.
  • Let them know that you are in the market for specific positions.
  • Let your contacts have your CV and make sure that you send them an updated one every six months.
  • Don't be broad - let them know what type of job interests you and what skills you have.
  • Purchase a newspaper advertising the positions in the field of interest once a week.
  • Contact the advertisers and make sure that your CV reflects the job requirements as advertised.
  • Submit your CV as part of job searching at selected recruitment agencies and online career market places.

We have dealt with the basic career plan and stages. In this section we looked at the practical application of the marketing and job searching tools in your job hunting stage for finding the right job.The next section will deal with interview and job selection when you find the right job.

Find the right job

Ask for an informative interview to learn more about the right jobs at a company

Find the right job tip

Don't settle for the first job offer - it is your career.

Finding the right job tip

Use several sources such as the Internet, agencies, and printed media.

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