Career changing mistakes

Common career change mistakes to avoid

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Avoid the following career change mistakes (Isebell Gauche)

  • Making a career change without a proper plan.
  • Changing careers simply because you want more money.
  • Doing a career jump without proper research.
  • Changing to another career because you are unhappy in your current position or at the current employer.
  • Making a complete career change because people in your family have pressured you to do so.
  • Doing a caeer change without gaining the required experience, contacts and education for a job in another field.
  • A move made because someone else was succesful in that career.
  • Making the move without considering the consequences and without a financial backup plan.
  • Changing careers without building contacts in that field first.
  • Making a career change without considering your interests, personality and goals in life.

Avoid the above career change mistakes by doing a proper self assessment and finding out the reason for wanting to make a career move. You may very well find your current path fullfilling if some minor changes are made. You may have missed the opportunity long ago to get into the field and now want to make that move. You will have to assess the price for the move and plan it ahead at least six month to a year where possible to ensure that you can build contacts, get some skills in the area and have the support required also in terms of finances.


Career change mistakes



Do your homework before you change careers

Career change mistakes tip

Do a proper self assessment before you make the move.

Changing career mistakes

Don't make career changes based on finances alone.

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