Making career changes

Guidance on making a career change

- CV writing and resumes
- Careers and career building
- Cover letters
- Job interviews
- Networking
- Job searching
- Resources and tools

- Career planning introduction
- Self assessment
- Job marketing tools
- Finding the right job
- Selecting the right job

- Performance reviews intro
- Performance management
- Performance improvement
- Performance appraisals

-Career change mistakes



The main tips for making a career change

Research indicates that most people change careers at least once once whilst many change careers as often as three times. What you have studied may not be relevant anymore. Changes in personality, interests, work environment and more can all lead to the need for a career change. Making the desicion should however, not be based on mere feelings, but a thoroughly planned career change plan should be in place:


Career change



Changing careers can be challenging but also rewarding

Career change tip

Plan your career change well in advance..

Changing careers tip

Prepare for new jobs by getting the training required..

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