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Everything you need to find a job, build a career, and network at one site

Learn all the secrets to CV writing

How to write a functional CV, chronological CV, combination CV, targeted CV. Find out why you need a CV. Learn about resume formats, grammar, resume mistakes, alternative resumes, fax ready and scan ready resumes. Find out how to write a CV objectives statement and what resume mistakes to avoid. See our examples of the career statement and personal mission statement. Get answers to CV objectives questions. Also visit our CV FAQ section regarding general CV questions. Be sure to have a look at CV buzz words and make sure you know when to use which power words. View how to and when to write a Cronological CV or a Combination CV.

Write a winning cover letter

Cover letters are just as important as the resumes. The cover letter encourages the hiring manager to look at your resume. It is also used to follow up and ensure that you are remembered for all the right reasons. Find out how to write winning cover letters to help you get the dream job.

Professional Approach to Resumes and Cover Letters

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"A Professional Approach to Resumes and Cover Letters"


Learn about all the careers available and how to build your winning career

The different careers in building, education, finance, adventure, holiday jobs and more. Learn about self assessment and job marketing tools, as well as job selection as part of the career plan. Find out about job performance management, performance appraisals, performance improvement plans, and performance reviews basics.

Learn when and how to make a career change

Learn about career changing mistakes and how to avoid them, how to plan for a career change, what you should consider and how to be successufl.

Ace your job interviews by following our guidelines

Learn how to get that job interview and how to make the most of it through job interviewing skills, what to dress for a job interview, questions to expect, how to answer interview questions, what mistakes to avoid with job interviews and why you should follow up after every job interview.Also learn about job interview answers. Learn about the interview thank you letter. Also visit our education job interviewing questions section.

Start your own business

Learn about businesses and opportunities to start your own business.

Job searching tips and guidance

Learn about career fairs, how to find internships, what types of jobs are available, what steps to follow in your job search, finding the dream job, what to do when you are retrenched, how to make the most of your job search. Find out why how to write a job acceptance letter. Learn about recommendation letters. Find out how to build a job reference list.

Career Networking and building a contact list for references

Learn the secrets to successful networking and how to get jobs through network contacts, even how to find network contacts and how to make the most of your network contacts when you do job searching and want to get that promotion, build a business, and more.

Every tip you need for job searching, job interviews, building or changing careers, career networking, writing a CV or resume, getting references and writing cover letters are available at this site.

CV tips and resume writing resources

CV & Resume Tips, templates and advice

CV Writing Tip

Keep the CV short and avoid grammar mistakes.

Cover Letter Tip

Always attach a cover letter to your resume.

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